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Aerospace Business Unit
Test and Research Operations
Aerodynamic tests and research Tests and research of body and structure
Tests and research for aerodynamics, such as measurement of the aerodynamic characteristics of an aircraft using the results of wind tunnel tests and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), etc.
A complete aircraft static strength test using a No. 01 model, a complete aircraft fatigue and strength test using a No. 02 model, structure tests and research such as partial strength tests, etc. of the important parts of the aircraft.
Tests and research of composite materials
Tests and research of other materials image
Tests and research are conducted using an analytical approach to processing methods, etc. of aviation metals and space metals, which are required to be lightweight and have high strength.
Tests and research are conducted using processing methods analysis, etc. of composite materials.
Flight tests
In operational suitability tests, an aircraft is actually flown in order to measure its performance, characteristics and functions, etc. and inspected as well as verified.
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