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Aerospace Business Unit
Capacity and aerodynamic design Structural design Equipment design
The fundamental design of an aircraft consists of the outer shape and the performance of the aircraft, which have been determined from wind tunnel test results and analysis of aircraft performance calculations for capacity, motion characteristics and stability, etc.
The design of the outer shape of the aircraft is carried out with fuselage and wing plans, etc., structural design and load calculations/fatigue calculations/life expectancy calculations, etc.
We plan for a variety of aircraft systems factors (engine, flight control, landing gear, hydraulics, fuel, air conditioning, crew members, ice control ... etc.), select aircraft equipment, select and design other equipment, and conduct function calculations, etc.
Structure analysis Vibration analysis
Stress analysis, etc. of the structure is carried out with modelling of the structural elements of the aircraft.
Flutter analysis, etc. is carried out with modelling of the structural elements of the wings.
Thermal analysis Fluid analysis
Temperature distribution analysis, etc. is carried out with modelling of the structure and equipment, etc.
Flowfield analysis of various fluids is carried out. Analysis, etc. by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).
Electrical design, avionic system design Software development and design
We plan for each system, select and design equipment, issue specs (specifications), and design related software and equipment of aircraft.
○Electrical system and power supply system
○Mobile telecommunications-system
○Navigation system
○AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System)
○FCS (Fire Control System)
○Simulator apparatus
Flight control programs
We design software programs based on flight control theory and algorithms to control the flight of the aircraft.
System management programs
Operational systems are based on system control theory and are implemented through software in order to run efficient, integrated operations of aircraft. We design the management programs of other ground equipment and operational systems.
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