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1983 June Established, capital of 4 million yen
Electrical, electronic, software and machinery design started
1989 April Increase of capital to 10 million yen
Design and development of FA System and mechatronics system started
November Increase of capital to 16 million yen
Made a foray into the medical equipment field
1997 October Made a foray into the aerospace field
2003 March Established a branch overseas (Hong Kong, China)
July Established Nagoya Branch (on the premises of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)
2004 April Established Konan Office of Kansai Branch (on the premises of ShinMaywaIndustries)
Established Nishimiya Office of Kansai Branch (on the premises of Furuno Electric)
2005 April Established Gifu Branch (Kawasaki Heavy Industries)
May Increase of capital to 30 million yen
2008 June HQ moved to a newly built building
2011 December Established branches in Malaysia and Vietnam
(Mitsuwa Industry)
2013 November Business alliance with "STRAND AEROSPACE MALAYSIA SDN BHD"
Organizational Chart